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  1. Bygonera

    OU ADV Baton Pass Suspect (again)

    I'll have even more things to say later I'm sure, but I wanted to put this extensive and thorough statement out. I felt the need first to draw some attention to the first match posted in the policy review thread and make some comments upon the points it flags...
  2. Bygonera

    Resource BDSP OU Metagame Discussion Thread

    OU isn't even finalized yet and already quickbanning things. Literally day 2/3. It's hard to say who exactly should have the final say in big decisions like this or how long exactly one should let a "problem" persist in seeking a solution before it's "dealt with", but ivory tower approaches...
  3. Bygonera

    Resource ADV Bug Report Thread

    Not a bug exactly but Castform is missing its shiny gen3 shiny sprite on Showdown. It's purple with gold eyespots. When you select for shiny Castform it's just the default coloring again. I've been aware of this for a year now but nothing's been done. Not sure who would handle this, but it...
  4. Bygonera

    Dex Bug Report & Structural Changes Thread

    Well I'm specifically talking about the base form, which did have a shiny sprite in RSE. Even if the weather forms wouldn't be any differently colored, it wouldn't mean to me that the base form would be excluded altogether from PS!; especially considering that Jirachi's and Celebi's are...
  5. Bygonera

    Smogon Simple Questions & Suggestions Thread

    Some unidentified mod deleted three fairly long effortposts I made (which I also received numerous likes for already, now gone) in the Suggestions forums without warning, despite such not being stated as against the rules here...
  6. Bygonera

    Rejected - Inactive Tiering System

    It would be complex indeed. Speaking from my experience with high laddering for gen3randbats, it would depend upon so many different factors, like which particular contestants you beat how often you beat them how often you lose period how active the ladder actually is (when I was seriously...
  7. Bygonera

    Rejected Working ladder in FFA Random Battles

    Need this. Absolutely everything OP said is true. I'm not going to make a filthy casuals / l33t proz division here at all, but the fact that so many people take the game so little seriously as OP details, makes the separation between players who are the type to quit / leave early, and those who...
  8. Bygonera

    Pending Don't reset the chosen ladder format upon refreshing

    This is definitely annoying when it happens. Unfortunately there doesn't seem a feasible way to implement this other than introducing a setting like "favorite" for metagame, or maybe a cookie I suppose that keeps track of the latest format played on ladder. Your suggestion is good if it could...
  9. Bygonera

    Rejected - Inactive New background music

    One thing that has been a longtime desire of mine is to hear the actual music of the generation I'm playing. When I'm playing ADV, I want to hear RSE music just like I am seeing RSE graphics, like the trainer battle theme or the champion theme. As it stands, it's comparable to a scenario where...
  10. Bygonera

    Yeah, there's still a ways to go till perfection. Friends is another neat new feature that...

    Yeah, there's still a ways to go till perfection. Friends is another neat new feature that demonstrates that.
  11. Bygonera

    Dex Bug Report & Structural Changes Thread

    Castform is missing its shiny sprite in Gen3 on Showdown, which is purple with gold eyespots. This sprite is absent even from the index of sprites here: Index of /sprites/gen3-shiny All there is is the normal sprite. This has been the case...
  12. Bygonera

    Smogon Simple Questions & Suggestions Thread

    I agree with Coneydub that the teambuilder still has room for a lot of improvements. For example, as far as I can tell, there is no way to isolate tiers---you get the highest tier you're building for, and everything below it. I can't see just ADV UUBL mons if I wanted to, the filter doesn't...
  13. Bygonera

    Forum Style Bug Reports

    Signatures are not displaying on mobile in portrait view.
  14. Bygonera

    Lower Tiers ADV Little Cup

    I think it should be obvious that mons that were not designed to be NFEs like Scyther and Chansey should be automatically excluded from Little Cup. It'a not a matter of them being "broken", it's the matter of not even qualifying in the first place.
  15. Bygonera

    Lower Tiers ADV UU Metagame Discussion

    I think it's rather silly that people see no issue with most teams running Kangaskhan virtually unchallenged. There are indeed some checks to the mon but there's nothing in the tier that could be used that would discourage anyone from including Kangaskhan on their own team. Its nigh...
  16. Bygonera

    Smogon Simple Questions & Suggestions Thread

    I have it enabled already and still nothing. Exactly, it seems to be a mobile issue.
  17. Bygonera

    Smogon Simple Questions & Suggestions Thread

    Where are peoples' signatures supposed to show up? Normally for forums they're at the bottom of each post, but I don't see anyone else's nor my own. Yeah I stumbled upon that yesterday but didn't update.
  18. Bygonera

    Metagame Multibility

    Would Multibility be playable in older gens using a challenge code?
  19. Bygonera

    Smogon Simple Questions & Suggestions Thread

    When I logged off and reconnected later, it finally showed me the like button, with only the two posts in this thread. It still doesn't show me extra reactions other than Like though.
  20. Bygonera

    Lower Tiers ADV Little Cup

    What is the rationale behind Sitrus Berry being legal when it heals every mon in the tier fully for dropping below even just 50% HP, not even 25%. It creates a queer metagame where you usually need to OHKO outright or 2HKO with rising power in order to faint things. It is in my opinion as far...